From the "Epic of Gilgamesh”, mankind’s oldest written story.
Oldest Sumerian narration is 5,000 year-old (Mesopotamia).
It happens also that in Japanese Enkido means "circular orbit".





The epic depicts Gilgamesh, the first king after (Noah’s) Deluge, where the gods shortened man’s lifespan from a 1000 year to 70 years.


Gilgamesh thought that man is doomed since he was left with the same aspirations, under the same temptations, in a much shorter lifespan.


Gilgamesh befriends his antithesis, Enkido, man of the jungle. Enkido’s view of the problem was that you try to achieve as much as you can regardless of the new constraint.


At Gilgamesh insistence, they head to heavens to change gods’ decision.




On their way, they meet many false heavens – Lush entrances and desert inside.

At heaven’s entrance, Enkido sneaks behind monster Hum-baba, the only communication between mortals & immortals.  Enkido puts a nose ring on him, and ties his arms to it.  They enter Heavens.


Gods refuse to change their mind.  Enkido slays the “Bull of Fate”.


Enkido & Gilgamesh found immortality undesirable. They concluded that building good communication with other mortals is what life is all about.  They head back to their city.

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